Thursday, 17 October 2019

Class observation in Dalton College Izmir

The team from Dalton International visited the classes and observed the lessons of primary and secondary school. We also had a chance to speak to the students and listen to them talk about the implementation of the Dalton Model in the school.


Saturday, 5 October 2019

Training session to the management team and the team of teachers in Dalton College in Izmir

First training seminars in the DALTON COLLEGE in Izmir with the enthousiastic  team of teachers was a success.Our team of International Dalton Consultants will continue with the second training in March 2020. The process of training the school will last two years. Our consultants will train both primary and secondary school in Dalton College in Izmir. Our team of International Dalton Consultants will be responsible for:
  • Provide professional assistance to the team of teachers; to guide the process of creating “Teacher’s Handbook”.
  • Monitor the implementation of Dalton education
  • To provide regular reports concerning implementation of Dalton education
  • To coordinate special events arrangements, such as International Dalton Conferences, etc.
  • To provide advice to teachers, school staff.
  • To assume responsibility for communication with staff on all matters related to school Dalton coordination and organization
  • To guide the new members of team of teachers to monitor the process of implementation of Dalton education as well as to arrange an appropriate development and support as required.
  • Any other duties as directed by school principal.
  • To contribute to the development and renewal of educational processes in the school and advises the director on this.
  • To identify and analyze needs for innovation and makes proposals for the development of parts of new educational programs in the field of Dalton Education.
  • To ensure appropriate implementation of Dalton education
  • To maintain contacts with external experts and institutions.
  • To provide an organizational and quality-enhancing contribution in the areas of school organization and quality assurance.
  • To direct innovative Dalton  projects and working groups on innovation
  • To bear responsibility for the functioning of the project / working groups.
  • To guide or advise colleagues

Monday, 17 June 2019

A visit to a Chinese Embassy

On Thursday 13th of June, President of Dalton International Roel Rohner and Agata Sowinska together with the Chinese delegation from the Wenzhou Dalton College, visited the educational department of Chinese embassy in Den Haag. Together with the counsellor Mr. Meng Qingyu we were visitng the most important landmarks of Den Haag.

International Dalton Conference in Germany

On 14th of June German Department of Dalton International (President Claudia Zanker),organized a conference with the participation of delegations from Austria (Austrian Dalton Association), China (Wenzhou Dalton College), Germany ( Unstruttal Dalton Schule), The Netherlands (Dalton International), Poland (Polish Dalton Association), Turkey (Dalton Izmir College) and United States (University of Minnesota- Dr. David Benson) . Each delegation gave a workshop and presentations about their schools.

Visit of a Chinese delegation from Wenzhou- China

Colleagues from Dalton College Wenzhou in China have recently been visiting Dutch Dalton Schools- members of Dalton International. Last Thursday June the 6th they visited  "Daltonschool de Leeuwerik" in Leidedorp (Richard van den Berg), Globetrotter in Roterdam (Sonja Deutz/Jorn van Dam), Lorentz school in Hilversum (Jeroen Jansen) and De Achtbaan Dalton School in Amersfoort (Wendy Wassenaar). The headteachers of the school gave out the lectures about organization and philosophy of their schools. The group followed the workshops and trainings prepared by Roel Rohner and Agata Sowinska. They were familiarized with the vision, philosophy and practical basis of Dalton Plan.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

“School Strategy and Brand Summit 2019”



Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School organized a two days conference which was attended by more than 300 principals and educators from all over China.

The principal of the school Alan Mei and 17 other principls gave keynote lectures. The vice-principal Tracy Chen and teachers of the school gave workshops focused on “Laying the campus learning space from the perspective of curriculum”, “Exploration and practice of self-management of mixed-age family”, “Exploration and practice of contractual learning mode”.
The school’s educational philosophy, educational orientation, Dalton practice and campus culture have all been highly praised by the participants of this conference.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Dalton congress, Den Haag 22nd of May

May 22nd, Dalton International was present at the Congress in Den Haag. Roel Rohner and Agata Sowinska gave the workshop on the activities taken by Dalton International including new research, daltonizing new schools, creating new innovative projects. The workshop took place in two rounds.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Official Dalton International Conference in Germany 14-16 June

The German department of Dalton International is organizing a conference. In the program among others workshop from my authorial program. The workshop will concern "No more spoon feeding- self managment and independency development". During the conference the delegations from China, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic will present their development in the field of Dalton education.