Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Children's Day in Shenzhen Dalton International School.

 Last week Shenzhen Xinhua School had an unique way to celebrate children’s day. "Happiness" was the main theme of the event. This day the whole school community in Shenzhen Xinhua Dalton School experienced the Chinese folk customs culture.

The Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival are a time of competition and collaboration for Dalton junior school students to discuss history, geography, Taoism and Chinese language together, as well as a traditional cultural knowledge development activity jointly planned and organized by the Junior School Integrated Arts Group and Chinese Group.
The Third Chinese Traditional Culture Knowledge Competition was held in the theatre on June 2. The moments that best exemplify Dalton's spirit of freedom and cooperation are truly ubiquitous.
In the theatre, the "Dragon Boat Racing; Ride the Storm" was the most eye-catching scene on stage, with several boats in a row, and was the most unusual form of points presentation for this competition.
Children’s Day celebrated together with Dalton International and Dragon Boat Festival are much more than just a carnival.
Each festival for Dalton students is as unique, creative and beautiful as each student is.
Dalton's teachers, on the other hand, are overjoyed to see their students happy, cooperative, having shared social experience.

Dalton Austria in Holland.

Dalton International welcomed yesterday a delegation from Austrian Dalton Association. The president of Dalton Austria, Simone Reichenberger has arrived with the group of eleven teachers from Sternschule in Deutschlandsberg (International Dalton School, member of Dalton International), to a study visit co-organized by Dalton International.

Yesterday we have participated in the visit to International Dalton School ‘”De Maten”, which hosted the Austrian group. Thank you so much Jenny Valk, director of the school and Eline van der Vegt for your hospitality and guidance. Thank you for presenting a personalized feedback and a demonstartion of children's responsibility in action. The presentation about learning lines and digital portfolio was very valuable. Thank you to lovely children guides who showed us around your Dalton school, demonstrated the attitude of openness, responsibility as well as brilliant level of English.
Thank you, a wonderful delegation from Dalton Austria for sharing with us the story about your country, your Dalton Vision and your school. It was for us all an amazing Dalton experience.
We hope to see you soon in the near future!
Below the photo from the study visit:

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Stay tuned for International Dalton Cafe!

 During our autumn online International Dalton Café, the participants will have the opportunity to listen to one of our special guests Huib Wursten. Huib is a Senior Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights and the intellectual father of “7 Mental Images”. He has been working In public and private organizations in over 85 countries. In his latest article on Mental images and nation building. The pyramid system, he analyses the attributes of the Pyramid value system and match them with one of the most important goals for nation building: creating an “”imagined community”.

Stay tuned for more information about our online autumn meeting!

In the meantime, make yourself familiar with the latest Huib’s article:


Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Happy International children's day from Dalton International.

 Helen Parkhurst wrote over one hundred years ago: “The secret of education, so Emerson tells us lies in respecting the pupil. It is not for you to choose what he shall know, what he shall do. It is chosen and fore-ordained and he alone hold the key to his own secret….nature love analogies, not repetitions….respect the child”.

Today, we would like to wish every child a respect, natural growth of their talents, harmonious and holistic development of their personalities, achieving successes and learn on their own mistakes without fear.
We wish all children in the world an easy path to self-discovery and self- awareness without fear remembering that every child is unique, every child is special. Life needs as Parkhurst said “fearless human beings”. Let’s enable our children free growth of their spirits and personalities.
On this special day, Dalton International wish all children not be afraid to be themselves, enjoy life in your own way and go forth unafraid!

Thursday, 26 May 2022

An honorable member of Dalton International.

 During the school anniversary, Jürgen Peters became a member of honour of Dalton International. The membership appropriately reflects the long term support and commitment in Dalton education in Austria. Congratulations on being honoured. Dalton International would like to thank you for your continuous engagement in Dalton development across the world.

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

School Anniversary in Wels, Austria.

International Dalton School MS 6 Wels in Austria celebrates 10 years jubilee. We would first like to congratulate the Governing Body, the principal, the staff, students and parents on the celebration of ten years of existence.

Dalton International is very proud to accompany the school for so many years in their Dalton journey.
International Dalton School in Wels is one in which the personal potential of the student is liberated. The goal of the school is “raising a man who can create a better future, a perfect world and a more beautiful life”.
On this auspicious occasion Dalton International together with Simone Reichenberger, the President of Dalton Austria, Jürgen Peters- member of honor and former president of Dalton Austria as well as city authorities and friends of the school joined the school in their celebrations.
We whole heartedly appreciate the tireless effort of the principal Henriette Steinhauer who ensures that all school community live up to the true spirit of Dalton education. We once again congratulate you all on reaching this 10th anniversary. May you continue to flourish for all times to come.

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Award from the city Brno to Roel Röhner

During the XXV International Dalton Conference, our President Roel Rőhner was awarded by the city authorities of Brno for a long time contributions to innovative education in Brno. The award appropriately reflects the endless years of hard work and is well deserved recognition for Roel’s input in a modern Dalton education. Dalton International would like to congratulate Roel on being awarded and we wish a lot of further success in spreading Helen Parkhurst legacy across the world.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Thank you from Dalton International!

XXV Jubilee International Dalton Conference in Brno, Czech Republic came to an end. We were happy to welcome delegations from Dalton world in Austria, Australia, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Turkey and The Netherlands. We would like to thank our participants, guests, speakers and hosts for taking part in this year’s International Dalton Conference. We appreciate enormously your input, active participation and continuous support for Dalton International. It was a brilliant occasion to visit International Dalton Schools in Czech Republic and observe a natural contact, respect without fear, a joy in daily school living and willingness to do a hard work. The main theme of the conference was “Education for future”. Undoubtedly, Dalton Plan is universal and timeless. As Parkhurst said “The old machinery has been captured by a new spirit”. We hope that the innovative Dalton spirit will be present in your schools and hearts as it was more than one hundred years ago.

Friday, 1 April 2022

XXV International Dalton Conference in Brno, Czech Republic

Don't miss your chance to participate in XXV International Dalton Conference in Brno, Czech Republic. We hope to see you there! 5th annual International Dalton Conference "Education for Future" is coming soon. The conference goal is to bring together Dalton educators, advocates and influencers to explore the innovations in Dalton education worldwide, share new ideas, experiences and fresh perspectives over Dalton both in theory and practice. Full program here: 


Keynote speakers during XXV Dalton International Conference.

Our next keynote speaker is Bob Kartous. Bob is the head of communications and an analyst in think-tank EDUin. He has been writing about education in several Czech media and serves as regular media commentator of educational events. He teaches at the University of Economics and Management in Prague and is helping to launch the start-up Education Republic. Bob speaks regularly at TED conferences in Czech Republic.



International Dalton Conference.

During the XXV International Dalton Conference, I will analyze implementation of Dalton in the world taking into account diverse cultural backgrounds.

Thursday, 31 March 2022

The presentation of Ascham School in Sydney during our DI conference in Brno.

During our International Dalton Conference, Dr Joanne Manning will be talking about the latest innovative development in Ascham School in Sydney. Joanne is a Dalton International consultant and trainer and is a part of the management team in Ascham School in Sydney.

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Our next keynote speaker.

  Karel  Rýdl is a consultant of Dalton International and the author of more than 200 original scientific works and more than 300 professional articles at home and abroad, where he often performs at conferences.
The professional interest of professor Rýdl  are the history of education, the development of education abroad, school management, in which he focuses on the issue of the concept of quality and its evaluation.
Karel Rýdl is a member of a number of international and national scientific and professional societies, and has been active in the non-profit sector as a lecturer.
On the 5th of May, professor Rydl will give a speech on innovative trends in a modern education.